About Adam

What is an autobiography anyway? The life story of a car?

Why I Do Internet Things

Passion. The internet is an awesome place. I love contributing cool and creative things to that space. If the internet were my mom, I'd want her to put my code on the fridge with a magnet.

Things I do

I've been creating really awesome websites for the past 20 years. I wear a lot of hats, anything from designer, to front-end guy, to software engineer, to marketing strategist — its all in a days work! I love solving problems and making the internet a better place. Check out the specifics and view my resume here.


I try to be a simple guy. There's only two rules I live by. If I can think of a third one to add, I will, but for right now I think most everything breaks into one of those categories.

Contact Me

It would be great to hear from you! Email me at ak@adamkonieska.com.

Current Statistics

Name: Adam Konieska
Age: 32 Years 252 Days 18 Hours 48 Minutes 26 Seconds
Location: Earth
Red Bull: 206 cans consumed since site launch
Five Year Plan: World domination via just-add-water-dinosaurs. Here's my list of demands (for all you world leaders in the audience):
  1. Autographed photo of Jeff Goldblum
  2. Gas powered jeep from Jurassic Park
  3. Bring the McRib back all year long

Adam Konieska
This is my portfolio photo shirt!


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