2008-The Year of the Great Robbery

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At least thats what my grandpa calls it. A bunch of people that lost everything, to people that have too much.

And not just con men or pyramid schemes.

Take Bob Nardelli for example. The CEO of Chrysler received $214 million dollars when he stepped down from his position at Home Depot. Currently his salary and benefits at Chrysler are not disclosed. But in his 5 years at Home Depot there were years when he earned more than $30 million in a single year. Add on his bonus package including $20 million severance package and $32 million in retirement benefits.

So, based on his previous incomes and benefits we can estimate his current salary and bonuses:

Way too f-ing much.

Oh, and when he started at Chrysler, part of his recovery plan was cutting 10,000 jobs.

The auto maker is requesting $4 billion in bail outs. The $214 million settlement package that Nardelli got from Home Depot would be enough to pay the 10,000 workers that Chrysler plans to cut $21,400, each.

And don't feel bad for Nardelli, remember he made $30 million in one year alone at Home Depot. Most people don't even make that in a lifetime.

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Haves VS have-nots?

I'd take the Haves by at least a field goal.

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