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posted Wednesday, May 5th 2004 at 1:16 AM by

Yeah so I can't sleep another night. I did have a nap this afternoon so that should be okay. Big Tech Challenge competition tomorrow. I'm excited, must be why I cant sleep. We're gunna own the show with the mill and pipe machine. Double ownage.

AP history test on Friday. Kelsey is pretty worried. Shes got some kind of calculus test tomorrow I think. She was really freaking out with all the studying and what not. I suppriesed her and stopped by her house with ice cream. She was overjoyed, it was fun. Its nice to do random nice things for people every now and then.

I got Emily's phone number today. Now I just have to find time to hang out with her. I have to remember to change my oil soon too. And add transmition fluid. Don't let me forget.

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