Epic Flood: Day 3

posted Wednesday, March 25th 2009 at 2:00 PM by

When it rains it pours.

Except when it snows. Like it did last night. Its still coming down now in fact. A no travel advisory has been posted for the entire state of North Dakota.

The river crest has been raised again by the National Weather Service to 40 feet, possibly 41 feet. The dike protecting downtown Fargo is being raised to 43 feet.

It should be noted that in the 1997 flood the National Weather Service was 5 feet off in predicting the flood.

So far this year the rivers upstream of Fargo including the Wild Rice and Buffalo Rivers have exceeded records. So we're expecting even more water heading into town by the weekend.

Looking out the window to my right I see that its still snowing, just like it has been since this morning when it switched over from the rain that started around 7 pm yesterday. So far we've added an estimated 7 inches of precipitation.

And the sandbagging continues. They've actually been turning away volunteers and asking them to come back for the next shift because they have too many people and not enough transportation or supplies. Officials are asking people to call ahead to schedule times to sandbag so they can evenly distribute the labor.

Governor Hoeven has asked for and received a declaration of a federal state of emergency from President Obama.

Many people are also quoting Obama as saying that the flood is caused, in part, by global warming.

"Considering how bad the flooding is now in North Dakota, imagine what it could be if global warming exacerbates the issue," Obama said.

The federal aid and support is very welcome. I'm not sure there is enough evidence to tie this to global warming. Especially without having done any research into the issue.

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