Epic Flood: Day 4.5

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The National Weather Service now says the river level may reach 42 feet, and possibly 43 feet. Two feet higher than they said in their last report.

When I first heard that news I was out sandbagging trying to get everything up to 41 feet in a North Fargo neighborhood. Then, just before we were finished they said it was going to go even higher.

In a televised City of Fargo Commission meeting the city council voted to enact a travel ban and emergency evacuation procedures.

A link to the map is here

I'm lucky I guess. I'm one block west of the evacuation boundary. I'm also on the second floor. The City of Moorhead issued a mandatory evacuation for parts of the city next to the river. Fargo is going to possibly issue voluntary evacuations. Which actually means that evacuations are voluntary for 24 hours. After that, the evacuations are mandatory.

A woman from a neighborhood in South Fargo pleaded with the mayor for help. She said they haven't been able to get any. She was near tears. The river is almost at 39.7 feet right now and rising at about 1/10th of a foot every hour (or so they say).

Her dike is at 40 feet.

She said if they didnt get the dike raised before morning, the neighborhood would be lost.

She's only partly right, because every time I do the math it tells me they've only got a few hours. I hope they can get her some help and fast.

The mayor reassured her that they would get some people there quickly and get the dike high enough.

The mayor was also quoted as saying "If we're going down, we're going down swinging."

More like, "If we're going down, we're going down swimming."

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