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In the interests of continually improving Homebräu, I'm proud to announce support for an RSS feed. Nothing fancy, something other content management systems have offered for years, including my own ASP system built back in 2003. So whats the big deal?

First off, now all you lovely readers out there can follow via RSS and stay current with the latest happenings 'round here.

But secondly, one of the principles of agile software development is all about getting functional code to the users. Code. Ship. Repeat.

Deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale.Agile Software Manifesto

So, looking at the feature backlog, implementing an RSS feed was determined to deliver the most immediate value to the users. Yes, there are other features that add more value, but they would take more time to implement (cost more). Also, there are other features that would be quicker (less expensive) to implement, but they don't add as much value to the users.

But I digress, I'll save the thoughts on project management and agile development for later... in fact now that the RSS feed is up, subscribe to http://www.adamkonieska.com/rss/ and watch your favorite RSS feed reader for when I post about them next!

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