death from above

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Couple days ago Casey and I decided to have lunch on the roof at work. We crawled out the window and onto the spacious first story roof to dine. It was pretty awesome, relaxing in the mid afternoon sunshine. Enjoying a burger and a soda.

I looked just in front of me and to the right, at about the one o'clock position and there was a large bird perched by a chimney on the building across the alley from ours.

"Is that a hawk?" I asked Casey, who had better eyesight than I did.

"Yeah, looks like it."

"How big do you think it is?"

"Can't be too big."

After some guesses, he figured we should count the bricks on the chimney next to the hawk, and compare them to the bricks on our building.

The creature stood five bricks high. Which we calculated to be about a foot and a half.

"That's a huge bird!"

Time passes, I discard some of the beans that came with my burger. Casey looks like hes about to take a nap, so I start to fiddle with my soda can.

The next thing I hear is:


I look over at Casey who is diving off his chair and away from me. Then I look up and see nothing but wings and sharp talons headed for me.


We both scream and dive behind what little cover there is on the roof. The huge creature flaps its wings twice, only feet away from us, then flies of.

I was pretty sure I was going to die.

"Looks like he really wanted your beans," Casey said.

"Na-uh. Looked to me like he was going right for my face."

I look up at the chimney again, to see the hawk hadn't moved. We looked over to the building where the attacking bird had flown.

We had been attacked by a pigeon.

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