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An email I got today:

Good Afternoon,

With the record student enrollment and new faculty/staff, there has been a constant flow of pedestrians, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mini-bikes, bicycles, skateboarders, roller bladers, etc. around campus. This has created a hustling/bustling/vibrant campus. However, it has also created some "near miss" situations.

The area where most of this interaction takes place is at Old Main, Transit Center and Memorial Union parking lot entrance. Even with the campus speed limit at 15 MPH, there does seem to be some excessive speeds in this area and with the congestion caused by so many vehicles and pedestrians steps need to be taken to help prevent accidents.

Tomorrow morning, Facilities Management will be installing speed bumps just west of the Old Main Parking Lot and east of the entrance into the Memorial Union Parking Lot. These are being installed to make travelling in this area of campus safer, so please remember they are there and be aware of your fellow travellers.

Bruce Frantz
Director, Facilities Management
North Dakota State University

Gee... and only after I've been hit twice by cars!! I don't know if I'm more outraged that people are idiot drivers, or because they aren't putting the speed bumps on all the streets.

This is ridiculous! I'm so tired of seeing people driving 30mph on campus (which is twice the speed limit), not even slowing down in crosswalks. No regard for pedestrians!!

That's it. I'm writing a letter.

Ok... does anyone remember how to write letters? I seem to remember something about posting something to an office?

eh, forget it.

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