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posted Thursday, December 29th 2005 at 11:46 PM by

So, mostly moved into my new place. its pretty kick ass I must say. Much more spacious and warmer than my tiny, poorly lit basement. Woohoo.

I forgot to bring my razor though, d'oh...

I've got my own fridge, oven, and microwave.... oh, and my own bathroom, and shower! And I no longer have 800$ owed to me. Tobi chewed me out for allowing my room mates to slack so much on paying me back for bills and things. Now they're all kinda mad because they have to pay. Well... you woulda had to pay somebody eventually anyway, I'm sorry if I stopped letting you get 2 months behind in rent. I got a check in the mail from one of my old roomies for some money she owed me. In the memo space she wrote "This was my christmas money..." Yeah? Wow... that 800$ +/- that you guys owed me was supposed to be my x-mas money too... and food money... and whatever else money. I'm terribly sorry if I inconvenienced you, but damn it anyway.

There, I ranted.

So much to do tomorrow... so very little time.

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