Fish from Hell

posted Saturday, June 25th 2005 at 11:08 PM by


Seth and I went fishing today. It was freakin' awesome. He caught some kind of weird mutant fish that we were sure was some kind of genetic freak or possibly an invasive species. So we kept it in the boat for identification later. They guy at the dock said however that it was a Dogfish, a species native to the lake. He also said that it wasn't very good for eating. I had no intention of eating some crazy weirdo eel fish.

So after fishing I went home and crashed cause I was dead tired. I was up for 24ish hours straight. But at least I'm that much closer to being on a normal sleep cycle. Then josh called at about 11:30. Hes back from Texas! WooHoo! So we went out to Perkins and had some food. I saw Dad there too, which was cool. Especially since he randomly paid for out ticket. What a nice guy he is.

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