GoPro Weapon Mount Review Part III: Video Range Report

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GoPro Weapon Mount Review Part III: Video Range Report

I did a couple posts for GoPro picatinny rail mounts as well as GoPro mounts for hunting rifles. In the final post of the series, I'll take them to the range and see how they hold up under recoil.

So, grab you eye and ear protection and and make the jump for the full report.


I grabbed two very different rifles to test these out, an AR15 in 5.56x45 and a no-frills Mosin-Nagant in 7.62x54r. I wanted rifles from two ends of the spectrum to see if recoil would be an issue. First up, the AR15.

Woah, obviously finger-tight isn't going to be good enough. Let's grab a pliers and tighten things up, then try again.

Gun Rail Mount from The Accessory Pro

Two videos featuring this mount, one facing the target and one view of the shooter.

Picatinny Rail Mount from Rec-Mounts

Here is the Rec-Mounts version. I had concerns about this being able to be stable, since the connector piece needed to connect from the plastic GoPro connector to the aluminum Rec-Mount. I was worried that it wouldn't flex enough to ensure a strong connection.

Ah hah! You can see in the videos, the camera keeps creeping just a little bit with each shot. Definitely not going to work for a long range session. The screw could maybe be tightened some more, which could probably be done with a pliers, but I didn't want to risk damaging the GoPro case before being able to test it on the Nagant. On to the next rifle!

GoPro Roll Bar Mount

I ran into a similar problem here with the recoil being too much for the GoPro connectors. You can see in the first video of the target, watch as the camera droops down and you can see the rifle sling creep into the frame.

So I grabbed up my pliers again and really cranked the screws tight. It worked much better, and nothing was damaged!

Final Thoughts

It seems like all the mounts worked pretty well. It took a lot of tightening to get everything to stand up to the recoil. The Accessory Pro mount had the fewest connectors used, so it was the easiest to attach and make adjustments to. It also had the best mounting position for my railed rifle. If I had to pick only one type of mount, that would be the one.

That's it for now, be sure to check out the other reviews here.

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  • Replying to Adam Konieska on GoPro Weapon Mount Review Part III: Video Range Report

  • son
    Saturday, November 29th 2014 at 1:44 PM

    Adam you did a awesome review! Could you please let me know if The Accessory Pro Gun mount will fit a GoPro Hero 4? You mention you use a GoPro although it was not specific on which camera.

    • Replying to Son

    • Adam Konieska
      Monday, December 1st 2014 at 9:35 AM

      Hey Son, glad you liked it. It'll work with any GoPro since they all use the same mounting system.

      • Replying to AK