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Homebrau Now Has Improved SEO Support

With more enhancements, Homebräu is taking SEO optimization to the next level. Included in this release are updates that allow for more SEO fine tuning by incorporating the HTML5 Microdata specification, as well as automating the process of inserting keywords, descriptions, etc.

Here's how it all works, using Google's Webmaster Tools, SEO Startup Guide, and HTML5 Microdata specification as a roadmap, all page entries include fields to be able to insert these tags, in any scope.

Easy to Implement

Don't know HTML, no problem! From the Homebräu CMS admin, just open the property for the item you want to edit, (e.g. a page, blog entry, image, etc) and add the microdata tag you want.

Automate the Rest

Simply give Homebräu a few pieces of information, and watch it'll take care of the rest for you!

Formatted Search Results in Homebrau CMS
Formatted search results with Homebräu in all major search engines

Homebräu takes the author information, combined with the page information (e.g. publish date, title, description, etc) and uses the to automatically generate the necessary meta and microdata tags needed. Those tags are used by major search engines, and Homebräu makes sure your site's information is looks great on any results page.

Full Support for a User Sitemap and Sitemap.xml

Having a sitemap and a Sitemal XML are key for helping search engines crawl your site. Now making it easy for web crawlers, and humans, to find information on your site is easier than ever in Homebräu. With every page or piece of content you create, Homebräu will generate a sitemap for humans to use, as well as a Sitemap XML document that search crawlers can use to easily index the pages on your site.

Check out examples of the sitemap for humans and the Sitemap XML for search crawlers.

Whats The Big Deal?

All major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo will use meta tags and microdata. They use them both to crawl your site for information, but also to determine how to display that information.

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