hooray pandemic!

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I'm really excited about the Swine Flu. Which is probably terrible. But its been a while since the world had a great pandemic.

Not because I'm a great big fan of pandemics or death and sadness. But there are just too damned many people on the planet. Over population, global warming, strain on environmental resources, or maybe just that damned guy who parked across the two closest parking spaces at the grocery store... whatever the reason, I guess I'm just sick of people.

Leonardo Di Vinci even said that 95% of people don't contribute anything to society (in not so many words). Maybe the world has enough crazy cat ladies, drunken transients, people with a dozen kids and nothing but a welfare check, and folks with annoying internet blogs (present company included).

Maybe... maybe I'm just tired of lazy people, people who only think about themselves. Like the guy thats making a left turn on a green light, and the car behind him that decides to drive on the sidewalk around him on the right just to get wherever the hell it is he's going, regardless if he's going to hit the young couple walking on the sidewalk. (actually, I see this just about daily downtown)

I'm fed up with people not contributing anything.

So what am I going to do about it?

Complain on the internet. Sit around in my underwear and have another glass of chocolate milk and oreos while I play more video games.

Pandemic 2

Get your Swine Flue pandemic fix here, with Pandemic II

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