incoherent zombie noises

posted Saturday, November 25th 2006 at 11:28 PM by

Went to Hu-Hot with a friend yesterday. It was a good time. Theyve got awesome food.

been killin' zombies and playin hockey with all of my free time. Xbox is awesome. I played all night the other night, and was feelin' kinda sleepy so I was going to go to the lobby and buy a Mt. Dew or some kind of extreme beverage to keep me awake.

I walked all the way to the lobby, and put my dollar in the machine. my finger hovered over Mt. Dew, but then I saw Dr. Pepper there and I was like "oh, DP. awesome"

So I pushed Dr. Pepper... and a Diet Lipton Green Tea came out. I'm going to repeat that... because it bears repeating:

Diet Lipton Green Tea

I was initially upset, especially since I only had 1$ and had walked all the down all 3 flights of stairs, and wasn't about to make it 6 flights just for a beverage.

I had a sample of the Green Tea, and it to my surprise it didn't make me feel like vomiting with rage. In fact it was like drinking liquid gummy bears, and I'm a huge fan of gummy bears.

Hurrah for mislabeled vending machine buttons!

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  • kruegs
    Tuesday, November 28th 2006 at 9:44 PM

    I still keep a Hu-Hot magent on my computer.

    I should call and see if they will deliver.

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