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Risk: The Game of World Domination


For the first time since I started playing Risk (circa 1998) I was not the first one out! Whats more, I also WON the game.

I built on what I learned in the last game, and pulled it off. I started out in Australia and secured the continent. Then getting one card every turn, and waiting on the card trade in until everyone else had traded in first, so I could gain more armies.

Then still attacking one territory each turn and getting a card, I waited until I saw a weakened opponent with three or more cards and would attack them. This gave me their cards and another trade in.

In-fighting between other factions weakened them, and if they had turned against me it would've been a much different stories.

I was able to exploit my opponents weaknesses and hide my own. My strategy was well calculated and even the dice Gods smiled upon me with sixes.

well... that and there was a full moon.

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