Munzee Announces MunzPak Service

posted Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 at 5:50 PM by

Munzee MunzPak kit contents

This is some exciting news from Munzee. I'd been getting my supplies and codes for my Munzee Field Kit sort of randomly. Usually I'd just order or print some new Munzees if I was running low or getting ready to travel, but the new MunzPak subscription service sounds pretty appealing because... it comes with neat branded stickers for the special Munzees (diamond, ruby, hotel, etc) as well as being less expensive than ordering them individually.

If 15$ per month for the subscription seems like a bit much, keep in mind its cheaper than ordering these special Munzees normally since you actually get 25$ worth of Munzzes, plus the physical token. Also, it looks like the first MunzPak will contain some nice specials including diamond, ruby, and motel codes, as well as the new haunted hotel.

You'll have to hold your excitement for just a bit, the release date is November 3rd, 2014. For all the details, visit the Munzee Blog.

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