my barbershop is ablaze

posted Friday, August 22nd 2008 at 11:16 AM by

A couple days ago I decided to get a hair cut... well, mostly because the current one looked a little too Ron Jeremyish:

1980 Called...

Anyway. Every time I go to the barbershop I get this lady who does a really awesome job. But the English isn't so good for her. Besides I'm mostly deaf anyway. Probably not a good combination.

Anyway, haircut finishes, she pulls out the mirror and asks if everything looks okay. Really it looks great so I'm happy. The rubs some hairgel in her hands and makes a motion like she's going to gel my hair and says:

"You want spikey up?"

I missed what she said and now shes staring at me in the mirror waiting for a response while I'm just now remembering I'm deaf. I could've sworn she said "You want happy ending?"


At that point I actually looked around to see if anyone else was watching.

"Yes please."

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