my tapeworm is angry

posted Saturday, February 23rd 2008 at 10:07 PM by

so hungry... I wish I had a taco right now.

so i'm reading this series of Zombie Novels by David Wellington. And for the most part they're terrible. He uses the same cliches all the time. Hes even trying to write about half the book from the perspective of a zombie. Which gets old pretty quick.... "Dick's feet kept him moving toward his destination until his boot had gotten stuck under the root of the tree. Of course he kept pulling at it because he no longer had the ability to think himself out of the situation. He kept trying to move forward to his goal, of course he was beyond things like desire. The only thing he understood was hunger."

What a terribly executed concept for a zombie book.

of course its easy to criticize

fun too.

maybe i'll write a better one later

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