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I'm the best rock guy ever.

The geology trip was really exciting. There was a lot of cool rock stuff to look at, including a bunch of glacial deposition and even some Cretaceous age shale. It was cool.

Bentonite Layer
Dat Bentonite layer tho

Shown here is a layer of Bentonite (weathered volcanic ash) within two layers of Cretaceous age shale that was deposited in a shallow seaway. Sweet huh?

Then we camped out in Fort Ransom and I slept out under the stars even though it was about thirty-six degrees but it was still fine. Dr. Ashworth's wife made all of us some Chili and he brought a bunch of it with. It was absolutely fantastic.

That morning I built a fire out of nothing in the wet dew and I roasted a couple of hotdogs. It was awesome... and later that day? That's right. Mini-doughnuts.

Friggen' right. Geology and mini-doughnuts.

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