oh no! cops! run!! er.. skate!!

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Woke up at 11 am today, went out and ran some errands. I even got my skates sharpened. The guy at the sporting goods store was able to take the rust of the blades, but maybe not the rust of my hockey skills.

So anyway, its been over 10 years since I've skated on ice. So I figured that I should probably head out when nobody else is around, so I can practice up a little first. Anyway, its about 12:30 am and I drive out to the rink. Nobody is around, the only sign on the park says:
"No overnight parking. Violators will be impounded."

I didn't plan on staying that long. Anyway, it must have been an hour, I skated around and shot the puck into the empty net a bunch of times. Then when I was feeling really tired I fired up my remote starter and waited for the car to warm up.

Then I saw a squad car drive by, and stop at the stop light about a block away. It made a left turn and continued driving away. It went kinda slow though.

I kept skating and waiting for the car to warm up. after another minute or so I saw the squad come around the corner and pull into the ice rink parking lot behind my car which was already running with its lights on.

I skated around the rink one more time, then it dawned on me:

"I have expired tabs! I gotta get to my car before the office runs my plates. There's no way I'm going to out-run the 5-0 on ice skates."

The officer stepped out of the car, and she walked to the edge of the rink and pulled out her flashlight. I skated over to my jacket, picked it up and held it out at arms length so not indicate that I was hiding anything or pulling anything out of it.

I got to within about 15 feet or so and she said something to me in a non-threatening tone.
"Good evening." I said back, assuming it was a greeting.
She said something else that I couldn't hear over my heavy breathing.
"I beg your pardon?"
"How are you doing this evening?" she said.
"I'm pretty winded. How are you?"
"Good. I just came over because I saw your car's lights on and..."
"Yeah, that's my remote starter. I was getting ready to head in."
"I've got no problem with that."
(I thought it was funny that she had no problem with remote starters, but I held my tongue)
"I just got the skates, I thought id try them out when nobody else would be around to see me to fall."
"I've got no problem with that. I just came because I saw your lights on and the park is closed."
"What time does it close?"
"I don't know, dusk? When they shut the lights off?"
I looked around but I didn't see any signs about the closing, but I held my tongue.
"Oh. Well I was on my way back in anyway. I'm feeling pretty tired."
"Like I said, I only stopped because I saw your lights on."
"Thank you, I appreciate your concern."
"Have a good evening."

She went back to her car, I took my gear off and got in my car. Leaving the parking lot I still didn't see any signs about the park closing at any specific time. Only the bit about no parking overnight.

Whats with me and cops lately?

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  • pro se/in propria persona
    Pro Se/in propria persona
    Wednesday, January 3rd 2007 at 10:01 AM

    You and cops: It's because I called ahead to watch you....getting paranoid yet?

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