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posted Friday, July 14th 2006 at 6:59 AM by

I'm cooking wine again. Been awake for almost 20 hours now, but its cool cause its daytime now and I'm not as tired as I should be. I'm going to sleep anyway 'cause by the time I have to go to work I'm going to be crazy tired.

I re-coded more of my site, so now its more professional now. Now it only looks at the last 25 records, instead of loading all of them and then picking the last 25. So... 25 records, or 375 records... so you should see a 150% decrease in loading time. You can thank me later.

This chocolate milk tastes weird. Either its past its prime, or I didn't get all the dish soap out of the glass first. Any questions?

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  • maxx
    Wednesday, July 19th 2006 at 7:29 AM

    Sleep deprivation is just a way of enhancing the previous evenings golfing experience. Who knew that a toolbox had such utilitarian purposes....
    Topography, a word that equals 2 points when used while hacking up a fairway, or green…..
    Trees are your friend

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