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So, I went to the range to chronograph some .40 S&W reloads too see how fast they were shooting. I took my driving glasses off and put on my high speed ballistic eye pro for the range. Then after shooting I got back in the car and put my regular glasses on again.

Only they had been sitting in direct sunlight in 90 degree weather.

When I put them on it was like putting lava on my face! I thought I was going to die! Or at the very least melt my face off.

Actually, I did almost die. I reloaded 25 rounds using 8.5gn powder and 180gn bullets. Only I was using the reloading table from the Hornady reloading bible for 155gn bullets, not 180gn bullets. That's a really dangerous mistake.

Call it a blow-your-fingers-off type of mistake.

But, when I got to the range I double checked all of my loading data, and realized my mistake before I fired any of the would-be-kablammo rounds.

So the moral of the story? Always double check your reloading data! Don't leave your glasses in the sun.

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