shooting stars

posted Sunday, September 7th 2003 at 4:17 AM by

If anyone would've told me that I was going to spend last night on a trampoline I would've thought they were crazy.

The night before I was at Nick's. I had too much stuff on my mind so I went for a run. I ran until I got all the way to Jon's house. I was hoping he would be awake at 3 am but he wasn't. Luckily for me his car was unlocked so I took a quick nap in there, then headed back to Nick's at about 6:45.

Then we played paintball all day at Nick's, it was fun. After that we went to some party and got some free food. I'm not even sure who the party was for.

After that Nick, Ross, and I did some planning, then Sara and Laura showed up and soaked my room in water. So after that we went to McMillan's and had another adventure, then hung out on Sara's trampoline. And now I'm really tired.

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