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posted Tuesday, October 10th 2006 at 9:41 PM by

DONE! (finally)

Behold! My Geology 304 project in all its glory! Not that its really that great, but its definitely pretty sweet.

Work made me really tired today, or my lack of sleep before work caught up with me and made me tired. I'm not sure which, but I really cant find the energy to do the dishes or laundry... or homework, or cleaning. I'm going to hire an assistant. Now accepting applications.

OH! And song of the moment? You know it... Beautiful Day - Mellowdrone

Which brings me to my next point. Since I'm such an Über Nerd I've been kicking around the idea of setting up an internet radio station with the same music that I've got playing in my apartment. If anything just for my own amusement. Not sure what music to play though, some ideas:

Alkaline Trio
Blueline Medic
The Decemberists
Iron & Wine
Kings of Leon
The Lawrence Arms
The Microphones
The Tragically Hip

Now that's an awesome playlist... I think I need to go listen to some music and draw on some canvases now.

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