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Damn... Spring break is over. Summary? Ok...

Friday: Got sick
Saturday: Still sick
Sunday: Work
Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Laundry/Cleaning
Thursday: Work
Friday: Work
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Grocery Shopping


Now that thats over with, I don't ever want to do homework again. Ever.

I haven't decided what I want to do this summer either. I could work a second job and save up enough money to buy a car. Which I need to do eventually because I need to take care of myself and stop relying on Dad. Or I can just sit around and paint and draw and go fishing like I wanted. Which would be cooler. I'm leaning toward the slacker summer anyway, because working 60+ hours a week for 3 months would kill me. If I bought a car I would have to insure it, so I might as well wait until I'm 21 and my insurance rates will drop a little bit. Maybe it's the best plan, but it still doesn't help me save up much. Oh well. Cash rules everything around me, get the money, dolla dolla bill ya'll.

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